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The Learning Partnership is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and advancing publicly funded education in Canada.

Partenariat en Éducation est un organisme caritatif voué à soutenir, promouvoir et améliorer l’éducation publique au Canada.


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    Available courses

    Bienvenue à la maternelleMC : Cette est une initiative d'apprentissage de la petite enfance, destiné à soutenir les familles des enfants d'âge préscolaire au cours de la transition vers la maternelle.

    In Coding Quest Grades 4, 5 & 6 students learn fundamental coding skills and create a video game through this engaging, student-driven, program.

    In Coding Trek, students will help a character named Tulip through a series of challenges, gathering clues along the way that will allow them to complete a culminating breakout activity.  

    S’inscrivant dans les programmes d’enseignement provinciaux et utilisant le processus de recherche critique, ce programme intéressant et axé sur la participation permet aux élèves de 4e, 5e et 6e années d’apprendre les principes de base de la programmation et de concevoir un jeu vidéo.

    Dragons’ Nest is a program where secondary students become entrepreneurs, right in the classroom, igniting enthusiasm and engagement for all students. 

    Entrepreneurial Adventure helps develop Canada's next generation of entrepreneurs by teaching essential 21st Century skills, such as marketing, business planning, team building and the importance of social responsibility. 

    Global Solutions introduces Grade 11 and 12 students to a current global problem and provides them the background, tools and guidance to propose solutions in an innovative way.

    I3 - Investigate! Invent! Innovate! inspires students in grades seven and eight to learn essential applied science, math and technology skills that will help them succeed at higher levels of education, and to think about pursuing a science and technology education and career. 

    Investiguez! Inventez! Innovez! (ou I3) est un programme scolaire pour les élèves de 7e et 8e années couvrant plusieurs disciplines, telles que la science, la technologie, l'ingénierie et les mathématiques (STIM).

    La quête entrepreneuriale aide de jeunes Canadiens à découvrir l’entrepreneuriat, une compétence de plus en plus importante dans le milieu économique et commercial d’aujourd’hui

    Turning Points is a character development and literacy program that provides opportunities for students in Grade 6 - 12 to read, write and think about their fundamental values.

    Welcome To KindergartenTM 2018 is an Early Years learning initiative, designed to support the families of preschool children during the transition to kindergarten.

    Join the Maker Movement! This program offers professional development for educators looking to bring a ‘maker philosophy’ to their space. Learn everything you need to get started in creating your own space in your school, library or classroom!